We are a multidisciplinary technology studio focused on harnessing emerging technologies, help you navigate the complex tech landscape and figure out the most effective architecture, roadmap and strategy. Our work is a playful exploration recombining technology and design in elegant ways.

Our Superpowers

Product Design

We take a very bespoke route to evolve your ideas from rough sketches, to prototypes and products. We grow MVPs with agile design sprints to finetune UX & UI on the frontend, while recombining tech in unexpected and elegant ways on the backend.

Tech Architecture

We develop technology architecture, product roadmap & strategy for scalable, secure SaaS, web and mobile applications. Our pototype design and development process is heavily influenced by the state of art in systems research and design thinking.

Future Tech

We keep a keen eye on tech that is not yet mainstream and look for opportunities to experiment with them in real-world scenarios. This makes us ready to respond to the technology trends that influence the future of your business trajectory.


We’re super paranoid about data security & privacy. We believe it should be baked into a product by design, instead of being a bolt on feature as an afterthought.


Benefit from our playbook solutions of moving legacy apps to the cloud for infinite scalability and seemless integration with Web and Mobile based technologies.


We consider our work as playful exploration of emerging software technologies with cutting edge design trends and tools. We are currently exprimenting gamifying the adoption of new technologies for enterprise applications.

Recently We Have Helped ...

Seamlessly migrate legacy e-commerce services to a modern stack running on AWS, re-architect iPhone app for hyperlocal services, secure SaaS API backend, conversions to highly performant static site architecture, shape future of work at two coworking spaces ...

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